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Houndstooth over "Her Color" Blue with Monogram


Who we are and what we are all about


We are EC Designs and we specialize in custom Ramblers, Tumblers, and more! We opened this site to bring our beautiful works to the world! We put quality and customer service above all else, if you don't find something you like on our store feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do for you or even your business! 

What sets us apart? 

We use the high quality paints and coatings to make sure your end product is something not only we can be proud but something you can be proud of and will last! We can produce in small batches as well as large batches; we are always flexible to the customer!

Blue Flowers with Monogram


Our special grip coating

What is our special grip coating? Why don't we offer other finishes? We use our special and patented grip coating on all of our cups because it is made to last and gives you extra comfort. The grip is military grade and has been tested in combat conditions! It makes it much easier to hold and if you do so happen to drop it, it protects our work as well as the cup itself! However, it is not only for protection, it also further helps to insulate the cup! This means it keeps your colds colder and your hots hotter!